How Should I Learn Mathematics?

5 min readMay 17, 2022


What kind of difficulties do you encounter in the process of learning mathematics?

The mathematical content is abstract and cannot be understood?

There are too many knowledge points to remember?

The problem is too complex, and you will not be able to do it when you encounter difficulties?

Find no one to discuss, too boring?

The front line is too long, which makes it difficult to persevere?

Time for an exam is too short, and the pressure is high?

What Is Mathematics?

The essence of mathematics is thinking skills.

Let’s look at the essence of advanced mathematics as a thinking skill. We can immediately answer many questions, such as why I usually solve the math exercise on daily practice, but the test scores are not good. A big reason is you only learn math as knowledge. Because when it comes to tests, the question is constantly changing. The question type will also change, and our memory will fluctuate. If we focus on this thinking skill, we will find that skills are much more stable than knowledge memory, skills are much faster than knowledge memory in solving the question.

Many people may still not understand the difference between mathematical knowledge and mathematical thinking skills?

For example, can someone who has read piano scores 10,000 times play the piano? Even someone who has played 10,000 times can play the tune well? Obviously not. So when we go to learn mathematics, we read the book many times, which may not be effective. Watching the video many times may not be effective, even if you practice many questions, it may not be effective because many people do this but still can not have ideal results.

So what is the core?

The most important thing is to train mathematical thinking. When we read books, watch videos and practice, it only works if we focus on how to teach our mathematical thinking. This training develops a thinking skill, a mathematical thinking skill, that runs through all branches, all parts of mathematics.

How to learn Math?

The first step is to understand the concept deeply.

Concepts are the cornerstone of mathematics. Learning concepts (including theorems and properties) must know what they are and their background of it. Many students only pay attention to memorizing concepts but ignore their understanding of the background, which is not suitable for mathematics. For each definition and theorem, we must know how it was obtained and where it is applied based on keeping in mind its content. Only in this way can we better use it to solve problems. To deeply understand the concept, you still need to do more practice.

The second step is to review some example exercises.

You may find it helpful that the teacher always gives some extra-curricular exercises after explaining the basics. The concepts and theorems we learn are generally more abstract. To make them concrete, we need to apply them to the topic. Since we have just come into contact with this knowledge and are not skilled enough to use it, we can crystallize the existing concepts in our minds by studying the examples to understand the ability more deeply and thoroughly.

The third step is to practice more.

To learn math well, you must practice a lot. But “do more exercise” is not equal to doing countless math questions. Doing numerous exercises without thinking does not help consolidate concepts and broaden ideas.

Three tips of doing exercise:

1. Be familiar with various basic question types and master their solutions. Every practice question in the textbook is aimed at a knowledge point. It is the most fundamental question and must be mastered.

2. In solving the problem, consciously pay attention to the thinking method reflected in the situation to form a correct thinking pattern.

3. Do more comprehensive questions. Comprehensive questions contain many knowledge points. Doing comprehensive questions is also a powerful tool to test your own learning effectiveness. By doing it, you can know your shortcomings.

A helpful tool would make a big difference on your way of learning math.

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In a word, learning math well is not an impossible task. Just remind three points.

First, don’t worry about whether you have talent, just work hard on the goal.

Second, “if there is a miracle in the world, it is only synonymous with hard work”.

Third, if what you’ve learned today is more than yesterday, you’ve already made an outstanding achievement.




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