NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO boosts overall efficiency and helps employees with reading disabilities optimize their performance without compromising integrity or security.

Are you a researcher, journalist, or lawyer who reads significant amounts of texts and highlights or extracts important paragraphs? Or maybe an administrative assistant entering data into business systems or databases? Regardless of your profession and task, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO bridges the gap between printed text and computers and makes life easier. It scans the text and data, transmitting it to the computer without touching the keyboard. Efficient and reliable, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

Empower your employees

Today 10% of the population have some degree of dyslexia, which means that some of your employees probably face it. Although they have developed strategies to cope with it, you can give them better conditions as an employer. Doing so will also boost their self-esteem as they get less dependent on others. NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is a great help when reading reports or attending courses. The employee can confidently handle situations where they otherwise would have to confer with others to ensure they fully understand the meaning of the text they have read.

Make your research easier

Processing large amounts of printed text is often a natural part of everyday work life, especially in journalism or law. Living in the digital age can be an obstacle because we want to import parts of printed text to our word processors. And with NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO, you can easily do just that. Mark up the quote or paragraph as you would with the pen, and then send it to your computer. It can capture 3000 characters per minute, and the accuracy rate is as high as 98%.

Perfect assistant in the business meeting

At work, international business negotiations also occur. When discussing business with International friends, if the expression is not fluent, it will affect the meeting and leave a bad impression on the other party. It gets worse if your client speaks a language you totally don’t understand. Pen 3 PRO is what you need as it supports 112 text and voice translation languages. And it’s also a two-way phonetic translation. When you need to communicate with the client, press the side button to speak; it can accurately translate your content.

What’s more, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 Pro has a record function, it can record audio to review later so that the employee can review later.

Professional database

When reading a new article, especially a second language article, it always involves some unfamiliar words, it’s time-consuming for the employees to type the letter one by one in Google. NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO, a professional pen with built-in databases like Collins English Dictionary, FLTRP dictionary, and NMT(neural machine translation), the employees just need to scan the word and then find its meaning.



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